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Unleash your 10x potential by finding the key business constraints and fixing them. Repeatedly and systematically.

Our Growth Coaching agency has a methodology and experts to scale your growth
  • We're a team of experts that help business owners grow faster by finding and fixing key business limitations.

  • There is just one core business limitation at a time. Always just one. And founders are rarely aware of it, or fixing it too slow and without focus.

  • Focusing on fixing top business constrain is a secret sauce for 10x growth. And we help you find it

  • We coach with questions: we may not know how to fix your problem, but we know how to ask the right questions to find what is really holding your business back.
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Growing too slow
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> examples
Wants: investment for 10x growth

Plans: to find VC funds, to apply, to get investment

Reality: no time for anything - day-to-day routine and firefighting

Problem: forgotten strategic goals -> slow growth
Wants: deliver pitch-deck plans

Plans: global expansion, hiring sales, burning $$$ on marketing

Reality: founder & management team strategy's is different. Startup growth DNA is in danger.

Problem: the growth is slow, chaotic, the team is disoriented.
Wants: double sales in 3 months

Plans: hire 5 sales reps + double marketing budget (considering positive UNIT economics)

Reality: HR brought only 1 candidate for the interview; the sales department is overloaded without significant results.

Problem: More leads from marketing that sales handles.
CAC grew up -> negative UNIT economics,

ambitious management
"My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things" Bill Gates

To GROW you need FOCUS. Are you focusing now on things with 10x potential?
  • Industry expertise: corporate innovations, acceleration programs, growth coaching in Central Eastern Europe, Southeastern Europe, Central Asia, CIS region
  • Superpower: strategic goal setting and growth hypotheses
  • Industry expertise: B2B/B2C SaaS startups and scale ups. #MarTech #FinTech #EdTech #DevTools
  • Superpower: business developer with a product mindset
  • Industry Expertise: Healthcare, Education, Fintech, B2B Solutions, E-Commerce, Virtual Reality, 8 Years in IT Industry in Eastern and Central Europe.
  • Superpower: Product Management, Process Management, UX Design
  • Industry Expertise: 7 Years in the EU energy industry, 4 Years in Media Analysis &Business Intelligence, 2 Years in the European Telecom
  • Superpower: Strategic Analysis and Business Intelligence
  • Industry Expertise: 12 years in the banking industry
  • Superpower: Financier - analyst, with an emphasis on risk assessment.
  • Industry expertise: EdTech, AgTech, Product Management, Digital Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping
  • Superpower: Building innovative tech startups that have a positive impact on the society
  • Industry expertise: 12 years in the IT and Telecom industry in Eastern Europe
  • Superpower: problem analysis and solution development skills, execution management skills
  • Industry expertise: Social Media Management, Project Management.
  • Super Power: Marketing Strategy Analysis and Diagnostic
  • Industry expertise: International Logistics, B2B Sales, Retail, Banking and Finance, Fresh Food Industry
  • Superpower: Business and Product development based on innovative industry solutions
  • Industry Expertise: 8 Years in IT industry working with clients from US, AU, & Europe, Software Development (Educational, Productivity, Travel, Banking)
  • Superpower: Product Development, Process automatization
Our typical client's feedback
"In the last 3 months, we did more than the entire year before"
> PRicing
~ Up to 2 hours intro call to find/validate your nu.1 business limitation and shape your 1st sprint
3 months
~ Optimal time to find and fix limits with highest impact on company growth. 12 weekly calls to keep focus on what brings growth.
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Best for startups
6 months
~ Perfect time to put a system in place for constantly finding key business limitations and sharpen focus and speed of testing hypotheses. 26 weekly meetings to maximize growth
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A diagnostic session with a Growth Coach to shape your goals, form your strategy, and focus on one task with the highest leverage on the way to growth.
Weekly meetings
Every week you meet a Growth Coach to analyze the results of the hypothesis and if/how the business limitation was overcome. Then focus is on the next constraint.
Coaching is not teaching
We don't tell you what you should do. We ask the right questions and bring your focus to what's really important for growth and not what is in your comfort zone.
Focus, speed, and growth
Growth Coaching improves your team's focus and execution, helps you quickly overcome limitations, grow faster, and achieve your strategic goals
Together with a dedicated coach, you will build a system to quickly find and fix real growth limitations, repeatedly.
What is under the hood
01.Identifying the goal
Your goal should be ambitious yet realistic enough with a breakdown to 3y, 1y, 6m, 3m, and 1m sub-goals

02.Identifying the limit
To (over)achieve those goals you have a bunch of limits to overcome. It's important to find and structure them
03.Traction Map

Draw a map of unnecessary work (that you probably do now) vs what really brings growth (what you should do)

The speed with which you overcome the constraints is defined by the quantity and quality of hypotheses we get to test.
05.Sprints and focus
Increase your execution speed by running weekly sprints on delivering what is really the most valuable
06.Run diagnostics
Regularly running X-rays for finding and working on top limitations - is a mindset.
You don't know my business as good I do, how can you help me?
We don't claim we know your business better :) 
You're the expert in your field, we just help you see what you may not see. Founders are typically biased to see limitations in their comfort zone - those they know how to fix. The reality is those limitations rarely help businesses grow as fast as it can because founders fix wrong problems and do it slowly. 
Our coaches help find real business limits and help you quickly check/fix it.
Will you tell me what to do?
No. We methodically ask you questions to find a real business limitation. After we found that - we help you come up with a hypothetical solution - again, by asking the right questions. After hypotheses are shaped - we help you break it down to weekly sprints - again by asking the right questions.
So, we ask the right questions and ask them right, and by answering them you tell yourself what to do to grow faster.
Do you help me deliver sprints and check hypotheses?
No. Our main job is to help you find a chain of business limitations on a way to your goals and put a system in place for you to check hypotheses fast and with laser focus. We are not putting our hands into your business, we're your navigator to growth with the shortest route, while you're driving.

  • Get a fresh look at your business from an experienced consultant

  • Examine all the most important aspects of your business, from marketing and sales to finance and production, and find the main bottleneck that limits growth

  • Create a solid plan to overcome your growth limitations and achieve strategic and personal goals
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