Speaker Terms & Conditions

1. Release

You hereby give permission to Giraffe Above (from now onward referred to as "Event Organizer") to use, in connection with this event, your name, photographic, video or voice image, title, name of company, company logo, biographical information, quote, interview and presentation, in whole or in part and in materials related to the conference such as both printed and digital agenda, outgoing marketing e-mails and brochures, advertisement, media, event's documentation portal, event application. Please note that Speaker Company presentation will NOT be shared in any other conference.

Speaker understands that Event Organizer may record and/or film the Event and its presentation and make it available to registered event participants.

You hereby release and hold harmless Event Organizer and its subsidiaries and affiliates from any claim or cause of action based upon the exercise of permissions granted herein. You certify that this release is provided voluntarily and without expectation of compensation in any form now or in the future other than as specifically agreed upon by the you and Event Organizer in writing.

In the event if Speaker company discontinues its partnership with Events Organizer, the Event Organizer undertakes responsibility to remove Speaker Company details from marketing and website-related materials within reasonable time after being notified by the Speaker company.


In the event of inability to present, Speaker in obliged to notify Event Organizer in written via e-mail as much in advance as possible. Shall the cancellation notice from the Speaker fall to a period of 1-6 weeks prior to the event, Speaker consents to find a replacement with the similar expertise or to present through on-line streaming software.

3. Data protection

Event Organizer will protect your personal data and will take appropriate steps to secure them. Personal data are all the data which are stored in connection with your name and which are processed and used for the purpose of rendering the service and invoicing.

Unless stipulated otherwise by you, we shall inform you or contact you regarding our future events. You may withdraw your consent at any time.

4. Copyright: All intellectual property rights in all materials produced and distributed by the Executor is expressly reserved and any unauthorized duplication, publication or distribution is prohibited without written permission of the Event Organizer.